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Welcome to L'Écurie

Lionel Moroy & Fashion Model Kristina Menissov

My name is Lionel Moroy, I am founder and designer of L'Écurie Paris.

"I grew up a few miles from Paris and moved to Los Angeles in 2010.

Design has been in my blood my whole life. At 6 years old, girls from my classroom where asking me for drawings of a wolf I loved to draw..
I always felt a deep emotional connection to beauty since a young age, and used it as an escape.

I went to art school in the 18th district of Paris, and this has been a revelation. It opened my eyes about life and art, and allowed me to be around other artists.
I admired Yves Saint Laurent creations, and grew up immersed in Parisian architecture, art, fashion, and decorative motifs.

I started my professional career at 23 years old, designing for companies in the apparel and lifestyle industry.

But creating and designing is not a job for me, it's a fantastic life long experience.

I love this quote from Leonard Cohen who dedicated his entire life to his art:

“It’s a self respect you are looking for in your work, you just keep uncovering your own heart until you can find something in which you can locate yourself respect, has to satisfied the heart, the mind and the gut”

– Leonard Cohen

"In 2020 I decided to look back at my French heritage, and celebrate beauty, pure elegance through design.
My ultimate desire was to create and deliver a product that has a soul and meaning.
I love when people feel an emotion when they touch and wear our products, when it gives them a real experience.
I wanted to design eyewear, as this is one of the most personal items. The one we choose to represent ourselves.
We can either hide behind our glasses, or proudly own their style, blending with our personality.
It’s a way to reaffirm our own self-confidence."

Lionel Moroy.

Meaning of the word L'Écurie

L'Écurie is is a very old French word that comes from Écuyer, a brave squire that travel the world on his horse.
Then the word L'ecurie was used for stable, people owning a stable were wealthy and well respected.
Luxury accessories perfectly fit this vibe of elegance, attraction, and travel.

The Team L'Écurie Paris

L'Écurie Paris is working with amazing talented people and artist around the world.
From photographers and media production to marketing and sales, our team expands from Los Angeles to New York and Miami, including various nationalities.
We also collaborate with amazing fashion models around the world that connect and celebrate beauty with LP!
Our talented manufacturers that bring their experience and heritage to L'Ecurie Paris eyewear.


L’Écurie Paris celebrates a heritage steeped in constant search for beauty, from the wonders of Parisian architecture, art, fashion, and decorative motifs.