Behind the Brand

L’Écurie Paris is a luxury sunglasses brand.

It’s origin takes place where French design meets the most high end craftsmanship in the world.

Our sunglasses are beautifully designed and handmade to reach the highest level of elegance and excellence.

Our collection is the result of a collaboration between French designer-creator Lionel Moroy and the best Italian and Japanese craftsmen in their field.

The sunglasses are handmade in Japan, region of Sabae, from the expensive lightweight material “Titanium” which makes our sunglasses ultra light and resistant to any type of corrosion.

The frames are 18k Gold, with hypoallergenic properties to protect your skin.

The Acetate sunglasses "Barbara" are made in Italy, the acetate material comes from Mazzucchelli, house founded in 1849.

The lenses are made in partnership with Zeiss, which showcases the best quality, protection against UV, vibrance of colors and anti-reflection properties, to offer the highest level of protection.

The Story behind the founder

I have always been “feeling” instead of “thinking”, since an early age.

Remembering my heritage and the beauty I have seen, Parisian interiors, furniture designs, magnificent architecture as well as various decorations and objects.

I am obsessed and in constant search of beauty.

I was born and raised in Paris, France. I moved to California near Los Angeles in 2008.

I went digging for pieces of beauty stored in my mind by designing a very personal item like sunglasses.

The L’Écurie Paris collection is a way to touch people’s heart and feel self love.

Lionel Moroy, creative director.