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L'Écurie Paris: More Than Just a Beautiful Frames - Discover the Science Behind Exceptional Lenses

L'Écurie Paris: More Than Just a Beautiful Frames - Discover the Science Behind Exceptional Lenses

When you are wearing glasses 90% of what people see are the lenses.

Yet people spend a lot of time choosing the frame and hardly any to choosing the lenses!

Robert at the Spectacle Factory, did a full review our Leo aviator style glasses, mounted with Green lenses.

Click here to watch the full review! (11:38)

He dives into the importance of prioritizing lenses when choosing designer glasses.

“Upgrading my sunglass collection, and this time, I'm obsessed with a pair by L'Écurie Paris! They might just be the best value for made-in-Japan glasses you can find in 2024.

These beauties boast a titanium frame plated in luxurious gold. But the real star of the show is the green gradient adaptive sun lens.
Here's why I love the gradient over a solid tint:

Indoor Versatility:

The gradient lens is virtually clear at the bottom, making them perfect for wearing indoors without feeling like you're in a constant state of shade.

While polarized lenses are great for driving (they eliminate glare from the road), I generally prefer non-polarized lenses for everyday wear.

The Perfect Combination:

In a perfect world, I'd choose brown gradient lenses. However, since I already own brown sunglasses and these frames are gold, I opted for the green gradient. It turned out to be a fantastic choice!

Stylish Specs for the Win:

These L'Écurie Paris sunglasses are undeniably my most stylish pair yet. They're sleek, sophisticated, and perfectly complement the gold frame.”

We at L’Écurie Paris see lenses as an essential part of each of our glasses.

The lenses are what truly impacts your vision and experience.

Shop our entire designer sunglasses collection here!

Lionel Moroy
Founder - Designer

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