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Fiaf Gala New York 2022  L’ÉCURIE PARIS, French Design, Luxury eyewear, Luxury brand

L'Écurie Paris Among Luxury Donors At The FIAF Gala in New York

It was an honor to be part of the FiaF's Gala that took place in New York last November.

Brands were invited to donate some of their creations.

Being among other French brands such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent, we were happy to offer our signature Leo and Papillon sunglasses.

This fund raiser event was held in support of the FIAF’s mission to teach French and celebrate the diversity of francophone cultures and creativity around the world. 

L'Écurie Paris' sunglasses were met with great success during the Gala!

I want to thank everyone who made this possible.

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Lionel Moroy

Founder - Designer

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