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L’Écurie Paris praised by The Spectacle Factory!

L’Écurie Paris praised by The Spectacle Factory!

Our luxury aviator-style Leo glasses received the best score, among brands such as Ameos and Walton & Mortimer.

The L’Écurie Paris original aviator-titanium frames have been reviewed by The Spectacle Factory and received great feedback:

“The unboxing experience is marked by a velvet-textured case housing a titanium frame plated with 14 or 18 karat gold. The accompanying cleaning cloth, surpassing its counterparts, exudes elegance.

The glasses, featuring a unique design with titanium nose pads, exhibit a lightness not commonly associated with metal frames. The negative space between the lens rim and the lenses adds an avant-garde touch.

L’Écurie Paris’ personal touch, a handwritten note, further enhances the brand's appeal [...] The glasses are comfortable and durable.”

We are honored to receive such positive and constructive criticism.

Watch the full review here!

(You can find the L’Écurie Paris segment at 10’50”)

All our luxury eyeglasses are handmade with unparalleled craftsmanship in Japan from the highest grade of materials.

L’Ecurie Paris collection offers a selection of designer sunglasses and designer prescription eyeglasses for men and women!

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