Shin Yoshikawa apparel cutaway hand made fashion design

Shin Yoshikawa is one of the world’s most renowned car artists. 

He is the master of hand-made cutaway artwork. Shin never uses a computer for his drawing, meaning that his drawings are not computer graphics. Since shin loves cars, he finds the best view angle for them. 

Shin’s artworks diffuses “warmth” even though it is composed from many sharp lines. Cutaway drawing demands excellent knowledge in car design and construction. 

He had stepped up to Formula 2, but he had retired from race because of serious injury. After recovered from injury, he knocked at the door of ZAGATO in Italy.  He then mastered the design at ZAGATO, his division was one-off designed car.

In 2000, Ferrari accepted Shin Yoshikawa’s cutaway drawing as “The Art of Ferrari”. In 2012, Porsche granted the “Porsche License” to Shin Yoshikawa as Porsche Artist. 

His cutaway artworks are well-known all over the world.